Every Child Every Day

The Every Child Every Day (ECED) project is a five year parenting and support project with a primary focus on school readiness and attendance for children aged 0-12 years. It will use strength based practices to improve the wellbeing of children and families in Carnarvon who are vulnerable or at risk.

The ECED project aims to build the capacity of, and connections between families, teachers and agencies involved in children’s lives.

A suite of resources will be developed by local people for local people, around children’s development and parenting.

Emphasis will be on  families as children’s first and most influential educators and the important role they play in preparing children for, and connecting them to education.

What we want to achieve:

  • Community partners work together to enhance service delivery to children, families and individuals
  • Families and others involved in educating and caring for our  children nurture their healthy  development, school readiness and attendance
  • Families are empowered to improve the wellbeing of their children through connections to informal networks and services

What we are going to do:

  • Work in partnership with services, the community and families in the planning and development of a program to enhance children’s wellbeing, readiness for school and attendance at school
  • Create awareness of program activities
  • Increase understanding about children’s development; preparation for school; and the importance of regular school attendance
  • Develop and distribute a suite of quality resources developed by local people for local people
  • Build parent’s understanding of and capacity to engage with education and care services, early learning programs, schools and other services
  • Increase opportunities for parents to establish informal networks that promote positive parenting
  • Provide an environment that is inclusive and welcoming, acknowledging and valuing all families


Carnarvon Office: Lotteries House, Camel Lane

Project Officer: Rhiana Ghinis

T: (08) 99 413 869  

M: 0458 295 309

E: rghinis@ngala.com.au


This program is funded by the Department of Social Services


Rhiana Ghinis

Phone: (08) 99 413 869 or 0458 295309