PRINT® Personality Profiling

Ngala Midwest Gascoyne is licenced to deliver PRINT® by the Paul Hertz group, USA. The PRINT® tool is a highly validated, online instrument which enables the quick and accurate understanding of core motivations, strengths, productive and potentially unproductive behaviour.

PRINT® is unique because of its central focus –to diminish the existence of unproductive behavior and enhance individual and team Best Self behaviour.

The awareness and growth opportunities created with this tool, together with the unique productivity strategies available for each PRINT®, are designed to help people reach their maximum potential, enhance the value of their contributions, increase their job satisfaction, and create more rewarding and productive individual and team relationships.

Ngala Midwest Gascoyne can provide a range of flexible options, including individual “debrief sessions” and workshops with teams.

Download: Print for Performance for more information.

Copyright: The Paul Hertz Group – “PRINT” and “Unconscious motivators” are registered trademarks.